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Required Software - CertifiO

To activate and use your CertifiO digital signature, a series of software tools are required and must be installed before or during the subscription process.

For use in corporations where there might be multiple network constraints (firewall, proxy, anti-virus scan, etc.), it is strongly recommended to install the tools before the employee subscribes. It is possible to do so by using an evaluation digital signature available for free: Free Evaluation

All software tools are free with a valid CertifiO subscription.

CertifiO digital signatures can be used in Windows and macOS environments,  but are not compatible with Android and iOS as of now.

All software tools are available for download here: Download

ConsignO Desktop, Entrust ESP 

 These  tools can be downloaded individually or are available within a common package named CertifiO suite.

Tool Description
ConsignO Desktop ConsignO Desktop is specifically designed to prepare and digitally sign PDF documents with ease and speed, one at a time or several at once. Available for Windows & macOS
Entrust EESP

Client allowing easy and transparent execution and management of your digital certificates, signing operations and  security functions. Required at activation. Available for Windows only


CertifiO Manager

One of the two versions below MUST be installed – Required at activation. Available for Windows and macOS.

Tools Description
CertifiO Manager Application installed on your desktop making the bridge between your CertifiO digital signature and a web application, without any dependency on a Java applet, without limitation with regards to your browser. 
Certifio Manager Server

The Server Edition allows deployment and utilization of CertifiO Manager in a server environment in which each user has his own session.  It remains essential to install a CFM client for each user under his own directories on the shared environment (%APPDATA%).



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