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I want to update my credit card information.

Change your automatic payment information in just a few steps.

I lost my password and/or my digital signature (.epf file).

You will need to recover your digital signature. Learn more on this process.

I want to pay and renew my annual subscription.

Pay and renew manually in just a few steps.

ConsignO Desktop: My Sign button is greyed out or I am receiving an error message

Let’s reactivate your digital signature certificate (.epf file) in just a few clicks.

Update of my digital certificate

Update the digital signature file in just a few steps.

How can I obtain an image of my Seal and/or my handwritten signature ?

Get an image of your seal/signature in just a few steps.

How to decrypt a .p7m file and verify its signature?

Extract the document from a .p7m file and verify its signature in a few steps.