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Support for Mac OS BIG SUR

Apple launched a new version of its OS (v 11.x) named Big Sur in November 2020. Unfortunately, incompatibilities have been noticed with ConsignO Desktop 3.8.2, which therefore also includes the CertifiO Suite. We are currently working on a software update, but it is therefore recommended to not update on Big ...

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I have changed computers (PC) or would like to be able to sign from an additional computer (PC).

Recover your digital signature in just a few steps.

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I changed organizations - Steps to follow

You have changed employer and your new organization using the same Notarius digital signature solution as your previous organization?  Two scenarios are possible based on your situation. Before starting, please ensure to have the follwoing: Administrative rights in order to install the required software on your new or your ...

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I lost my password and/or my digital signature (.epf file).

You will need to recover your digital signature. Learn more on this process.

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How can I obtain an image of my Seal and/or my handwritten signature ?

What you should know A Signature Appearance is a visual representation of what will appear on your document when you stamp it or sign it with a visual signature. It is usually an image of your written signature or your seal, but it can be any image you want to ...

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I am using Adobe® and I get the message « At least one signature has problems ».

Your Adobe® software might not be correctly configured to validate a Notarius digital signature.

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Update of my digital certificate

Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Windows. Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Mac OS. Troubleshooting procedure.   Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Windows: Updates to your digital signature file (.EPF file) are required periodically to ensure that it remains ...

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ConsignO: My Sign button is greyed out and I am receiving the error message, "An error occurred while accessing the certificate".

I cannot sign in ConsignO, what should I do ?

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