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Identity verification: what do you need to prepare?

Quebec notary ? Follow the process on your identity verification form instead.
Member of a Professional Association ? Please have your Member ID readily available for your identity verification.
Your background is personalized or blurred? For proper document clarity, we require that any virtual background is deactivated during the meeting.
Subscriber who would like an additional signature ? If your identity verification was completed less than two years ago, click here.

1) Prepare TWO pieces of ID

They must be valid and issued by a recognized governmental entity (only original IDs are accepted).

  • The primary ID must include, in addition to a photo and signature, the first(s) & last(s) name, and the birth date
    as it appears on the subscription form.
  • The secondary ID must reasonably mention the first(s) and last(s) name.

Only the IDs below are accepted:

Canada USA Other  

Primary ID (with photo)

  • Driver’s license or provincial identity card
  • Passport
  • Nexus card
  • Medicare card (detached from the driver’s license)
  • Citizenship card
  • Permanent residency card

Secondary ID

  • Any additional primary ID
  • Medicare card (detached from the driver’s license)
  • Social insurance card
  • Governmental birth certificate
  • Employee card issued by a federal or provincial authority, including government agency or parapublic organization, as well as military ID (excludes cities and municipalities)
  • Hunting licence or firearm carrying license with photo
  • PIV or PIV-I card 
  • Indian status card
  • Name change certificate, where the new name is reflected on the primary ID (for changes on issued certificate only)

Notarius reserves the right to perform additional and subsequent checks. If you do not have the necessary pieces of ID, please contact customer service.

2) Test the readability of the pieces of ID using your camera
(use a smartphone to minimize potential technical issues)

Your identity verification is performed face-to-face with one of our agent, using the videoconferencing service with end-to-end encryption. Please ensure that your pieces of ID are clearly readable during the test with Zoom.

  • Smartphone: relaunch the test meeting after installing the App.
  • Windows or OS X: click on “download and run Zoom”

Launch Zoom and
test your camera

Additionnal security controls we add to Zoom for ID verification sessions
Your pieces of ID are not clearly legible?
You don’t have access to a camera or smartphone?

Note: this test does not check your Internet speed. Please make sure to use a high-speed connection during your identity verification session.