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Identity verification without access to a smartphone or a camera

The online identity verification is done over a video conference. You need to have a smartphone (with a WiFi or LTE connection), or a computer with a camera which would allow a good quality videoconference. We have a few alternatives if you can’t complete the identity verification from your workplace:

1. Complete your identity verification from home

Some organisations don’t allow using a camera on their computers or connecting a smartphone to their internal WiFi network and/or do not cover the LTE data costs for work smartphones of their employees. Our agents are available up until 6:30 PM EST, you are therefor able to take an appointment and complete the verification from your home!


Notarius’ offices are closed during the period of sanitary restrictions.
We will resume this service when Public Health allows all Notarius employees to work in the office.

2. Come to Notarius to complete your verification in person

Simply book an appointment during our opening hours, between 10 AM and 6 PM EST, for an identity verification. Let us know at about your intention of coming to complete the identity verification in person in Old Montreal (address and map). We will be happy to offer you an espresso!