How to sign up in 4 easy steps


Subscribe to the CertifiO digital signature in 4 easy steps

Signing up support documents within organizations:

Important: This step can be completed by the future signature holder or someone who is authorized to do so on their behalf.

The purchaser completes the subscription application form. At this stage, the requester will be invited to make a payment, which may be made directly online by credit card or following receipt of the invoice made out to the organization.

Credit card payment (less than 5 users)

For organizations with less than 5 subscribers, the payment must be made online by credit card.

Opening of a corporate account (5 users or more)

Organizations with 5 or more users may open a corporate account. With this type of account, you can group subscriptions under the same entity, make payments following the receipt of invoices (instead of having to pay immediately online) and designate internal representatives for deployment and billing.

Open a corporate account online

Once the subscription application form has been completed, the future signature holder will receive an email to establish his or her account login credentials and to schedule a face-to-face identity verification with an identity verification agent (IVA) designated by Notarius.

The easiest and quickest way to complete the identity verification is by videoconference using a smartphone.

The future signature holder must simply present two (2) valid government-issued IDs containing a photo and signature.

Once the identity verification has been completed, the request is sent for approval to the designated representative (Affiliation Verification Agent—AVA) from the professional association or company. The approval takes between one and 10 days, depending on the organization.

For future CertifiO Desktop digital signature holders, we recommend installing the software required to activate and use the digital signature. This step can also be done before starting the subscription process, which is strongly recommended for companies in order to identify the technical requirements for deployment right from the outset. For future CertifiO Cloud digital signature holders, all you have to do is wait for approval from your professional association or employer.

Once the approval has been received, the signature holder will receive a code by email to activate the CertifiO digital signature.

By the end of this process, the signature holder will have a fully functional CertifiO digital signature (Desktop or Cloud) that can be used to sign electronic documents using software such as ConsignO Desktop (only CertifiO Desktop), ConsignO Cloud (CertifiO Desktop and Cloud) or Adobe Acrobat (only CertifiO Desktop).