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Corporate billing account form

A minimum of 5 subscriptions are required to open an account.

OPTION 1: Fill the online account form (easiest way)

Important: The person filling the form will have to sign it electronically at the very end. A mobile phone number is required to receive a code by SMS and complete this step.

Steps to follow:

  • Access the online account form via the link shared by your Sales reprensentative. If you don’t have the link, please contact your reprensentative or the Sales Team directly.
  • Complete the different sections. To guide you, please read, as needed, the instructions provided via the help tips (?).
  • Once all sections have been completed, click on the Sign button displayed on the Form complete section.


  • Enter the code sent by SMS to the previously entered mobile phone number. and then click on Login.

  • Click Approve and sign to electronically sign the document.


  • The document is then sent automatically to your Account Director who may contact you, if needed, to engage for the next steps. It is strongly recommended to download the document using the link displayed within the window. No email will be sent out. You can then close the window to end the process. 


Option 2: If you prefer the old fashioned “pre digital transformation” approach

  • Download PDF document below
  • Save file to your workstation
  • Open locally saved file
  • Fill out interactive form
  • Email the duly completed and signed form to:

IMPORTANT: This form should be completed and signed by an authorized representative of your organization.