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Notice: using the CertifiO digital signature on macOS

Thank you for your interest in our ConsignO Desktop and CertifiO Desktop solutions for macOS.

While it is possible to make full use of the digital signature in a macOS environment, there are differences in security protocols between Windows and macOS that may affect your experience with our tools. We are currently aware of some issues with ConsignO for macOS that can affect the use of the signature and give you a different experience than windows.

Differences in user experience between macOS and Windows

Features macOS Windows

Signing multiple individual documents in ConsignO  

Users will be required to enter the password for each individual document that must be signed*. No concept of Entrust session.

Users needs to enter the password only one time to sign multiple individual documents in a single Entrust session.

(An Entrust session is 1 minute, which means that if you sign another document within this minute, you won’t have to enter your password again)

Right-Click outside of ConsignO Desktop

macOS doesn’t give you the ability to use right-click functionnalities from the Finder. You can only perform the right-click from ConsignO Desktop.

Windows gives you the option to right-click from ConsignO Desktop, but also from the file explorer. You can check the options here.

Update of the digital signature 

On macOS, without any installation of additional tools, users will be required to connect to the online account to perform the update.  

Signing a document in ConsignO will not update the signature

It is now possible, by installing our software called EESD, to perform the update by connecting your EPF file to the macOS equivalent of Entrust

It is possible to update the signature, when required, by either:

  • Signing a document in ConsignO Desktop
  • Opening an Entrust session with your EPF file

Connect to your online account at

Use of the CertifiO Cloud digital signature (ConsignO Desktop 3.9 and later)

You must reconnect to your Notarius account each time you close ConsignO Desktop

You stay connected on your Notarius account even if you close ConsignO Desktop and reopen it within a week.


You would like to use ConsignO Desktop on macOS?

You can download the software using the link below:

  • Before you download, is your mac compatible with our solution?
    • Your operating system: Technical Requirements
    • You have installed Chrome installed Chrome and its last updates to have the best experience using our website
    • You have admin rights to install software on the computer
    • You can find more information about those software by clicking here.


  • To activate the signature, you will need to install CertifiO Manager, required to make the link between the computer and our website during the activation of your signature or simply when wanting to connect to your online account:



Need help using the digital signature on macOS

Please do not hesitate to consult our help pages for macOS for more information:


How to use the digital signature in Adobe

Alternatively, to using our own solution, it is possible to use our signature with third-party software like Adobe

To use Adobe, there will be some extra configuration that will need to be done on the computer, first:

  1. We would invite you to download and install our software called EESD which is the macOS version of the Entrust software and allow third party connectivity with our digital signature solution (Please note: you will need to have already activated your subscription with us before you can fully complete the steps below)
  2. Once the software is installed and the EPF file has been linked, you can find below a guide on how to use the signature in the Adobe software

Adobe presents its own features, and certain features available in ConsignO like signing multiple documents (batch signing) are not possible in Adobe

Are you having difficulty using or installing EESD ? You can contact us here.

Or alternatively, you can view our troubleshooting page for EESD here :