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Digitally sign using macOS in ConsignO Desktop.

To use your digital signature using macOS, select your signature at the time of signing in ConsignO Desktop.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open ConsignO Desktop
  2. Open a PDF document via the Edit menu or via My Computer
  3. Convert your document to PDF\A if required (More information)
  4. Select Create Zone
  5. Create a zone and click OK (More information)
  6. Click on Sign
  7. In the Signature certificate selection field:
  8. Enter your password for your EPF file
    • Security code received on your phone for CertifiO Cloud users (Details)
  9. Your document should now be digitally signed

You have signed a document in ConsignO Desktop on macOS.

Discover all the possibilities for your digital signature by viewing our ConsignO Desktop video tutorials, available 24/7.