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How to install CertifiO Suite

IMPORTANT: CertifiO Suite and one of its component ConsignO Desktop are currently not supported on MAC OS BIG SUR. It is recommended to not upgrade on BIG SUR yet.

The CertifiO Suite includes ConsignO Desktop and Entrust ESP (EESP)

Technical Requirements

  • Administrative rights for the installation;
  • The firewall and antivirus software must authorize the necessary outbound ports, as described in the article Firewall configuration, or by creating a Proxy configuration specific to your network topology
  • Operating systems:
  • At least 4 GB of RAM and 500 MB of hard disk
  • Internet connection;
    • It is possible to use ConsignO Desktop in a limited fashion, without a connection to our servers, for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Note: Incompatibilities exist with computers running on an ARM processor. 


Notes related to CertifiO Manager

  • CertifiO Manager is no longer included in the CertifiO Suite and must be downloaded from the CertifiO Manager section available here: Download
  • CertifiO Manager is required to activate   your digital signature and access your online account: My Account.
  • For more details on CertifiO Manager: What is CertifiO Manager?