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ConsignO Desktop Release Notes

ConsignO Desktop is available as a standalone download or as part of the Certifio Suite. Go to our Download page.

ConsignO Desktop 3.8.3 – April 21, 2021

MAC only version

Key fix

  • MAC OS Big Sur compatibility

ConsignO Desktop 3.8.2 – March 30, 2020

Key fix

  • Fixed a case where ConsignO Desktop erroneously indicated that a document was not PDF/A compliant after a second signature was applied.

ConsignO Desktop – February 17, 2020

Key fix

  •  Fixed a problem for open files access that could lead to errors when using signature appearances or templates.

ConsignO Desktop – January 30, 2020

Key fix

  • Under certain circumstances, applying a template to one or more documents could lead to the following error “The requested operation could not be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open”. This situation is now corrected.

ConsignO Desktop 3.8.1 – January 16, 2020


  • The actions selected when using the Combined Actions function remain selected for the next use
  • A link to the web page of the webinar is directly accessible from the Help menu
  • The MAC version also benefits from the following improvements
    • The My Computer view now presents and allows you to access the main directories (Favorites, Desktop, Documents, Download, User …)
    • Under the Favorites directory, it is possible for a user to create shortcuts to directly access subdirectories

Key fixes

  • Several cases where the conversion of a PDF to PDF/A failed are now supported
  • A copy and paste of the path in the search box does not show a duplicated path
  • Selecting a template from a subdirectory keeps that template selected in the template application window
  • Files whose extension is capitalized .PDFs are available from the My Computer view
  • The MAC version also benefits from the following fixes
    • COMPATIBILITY with OS Catalina (10.15) – The app now uses a JRE 11 version signed by Gatekeeper
    • Network drives are now displayed under the My Computer view

ConsignO Desktop 3.8 – April 11, 2019

New features

  • Ability to launch a PDF/A conversion, apply a template and sign documents in a single step using the Combined Actions option
    • Accessed by right-clicking in the native file explorer or in the My Computer view in ConsignO Desktop
    • Can be applied to one or multiple PDF documents
  • Option to return a signed document to a signature project initiated with ConsignO Cloud
  • Quick access to three additional options in the right-click menu:
    • Combined Actions
    • Send to ConsignO Cloud
    • Create an appearance
  • Application preferences: configuration of save options now possible under the “General” tab
  • Display of the PAdES (Long-Term Validation) signature compliance level
  • Usage of environment variables for the proxy configuration to retain existing configurations following updates


  • Redesign of the signature and stamping assistant
    • Logical grouping of steps
      • Certificate selection
      • Signature appearance selection
      • Signature zone selection
      • Save and advanced options
  • Ability to save a document without signing it when merging documents
  • Option to apply a template or signature zone to the last page of a document
  • Ability to mass sign multiple documents with different numbers of pages and where a template has been applied to the last page
  • The last template applied remains selected the next time a template is applied
    • The modified advanced options also remain selected
  • By default, the custom text zone is positioned at the bottom left of the signature appearance and is consistent with the date and reason fields
  • Conversion to the different PDF/A formats is completed without displaying the dialogue box inviting the user to attach files. The option to add attachments remains available in the “attachments” tab at the bottom of the main view.
  • The signature result page is now displayed temporarily if all signatures have been successfully applied
  • Allocation of a maximum of 2GB of memory to the application (previously 1GB) to better support large documents
  • Use of the latest version of Java (11.0.2)

Key fixes

  • A password must only be entered once when using a PIV-I card
  • Improved support for high-resolution screens
  • Improved signature validation tool
  • Option to restore the view is now available in the preferences section to recover a lost window

ConsignO Desktop 3.7.5 & EESP 9.3 p200436d – April 10, 2017


  • Added proxy support for EESP; all communications are now on TCP port 80 (http).
    • Customers must contact Notarius to have their certificate configured to use OCSP and therefore no longer require LDAP access.

Key fixes

  • Signature appearance not updated when resigning signatures in bulk (ie: signing on an already signed signature zone).
  • In some cases, digital signatures configured to use OCSP could hamper PDF/A compliance.
  • On OS X, a digital signature’s filename using “.EPF” extension (upper case) was not recognized.
  • In some cases, signature appearances located on a network could not be used.

ConsignO Desktop 3.7.4 – December 13, 2016


  • Update of the PDF/A conversion engine to improve document support.

Key fixes

  • Error on creating a signature aspect when no aspect has been defined as default.
  • Error on creating a signature aspect on the latest versions of Mac OS X.
  • Support for signature zones which contain locking properties (“Lock”).

ConsignO Desktop 3.7.3 – October 21, 2016

New feature

  • Batch stamping: it is now possible to stamp multiple documents in a single action.

Resolved known issue

  • Adding proxy configuration support: ConsignO will now attempt to automatically discover network configuration for its external connections.  In the event that this automatic detection isn’t successful, it is now possible to force a proxy by providing specific instructions in the configuration file. (see article on “Proxy Configuration“)

Key fixes

  • Changes to a document after using “Save as”, even when no changes were actually done to the document.
  • Visual aspects of signature within small zones were not using up all the available space.

ConsignO Desktop 3.7.2 – February 29 2016

Resolved known issues

  • Improved startup delay when ConsignO Desktop cannot access the “What’s new” notifications on our servers.

ConsignO Desktop 3.7.1 and EESP 9.3 patch 200430 – February 15 2016 – Mandatory update

Key fix

  • Critical bug when checking the software license. Between April and May 2016, all ConsignO Desktop versions prior to 3.7.1 will stop working.

New features

  • Displays important messages from Notarius at ConsignO Desktop’s startup;
  • Displays update notifications at ConsignO Desktop’s startup (can be disabled for enterprise environments);
  • The hashing algorythm, which is SHA256 by default, can be configured to use SHA1.

ConsignO Desktop 3.7 and EESP 9.2-SP1 Patch 195546 – December 4 2015

New features

  • Supports PDF/A-3 standard:
    • PDF/A-3 Conversion and validation.
    • Attach and extract any file type to the PDF/A-3 document. These files can be Autocad, Revit, Catia, Word, Excel or any other format. The document can then be signed to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the PDF/A-3 document and its attached files.

Improved functionalities

  • PDF/A compliance: When you open a document which does not claim compliance with the PDF/A standard, a warning in the banner will recommend the conversion.
  • The signature appearance wizard allows to add free form text on the appearance when signing.
  • The signature validation approach has been greatly improved. It enables a detailed analysis of long-term reliability issues of a document.
  • Improved version of validating signatures, allowing investigations concerning the long-term reliability of a document
  • The hashing algorithm moved from SHA1 to SHA256.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

ConsignO Desktop 3.6 – November 27, 2014

Greater compatibility

  • 64-bit version that improves the performance and stability of ConsignO.
  • Mac OS X Version now available.

Improved functionalities

  • Signature aspect creation wizard incorporating a transparency tool, allowing users to quickly and easily be able to sign with the image of their seal and/or signature without the use of external tools (launched automatically if no signature appearance is existing).
  • Improved signature wizard that clarifies the certification options.
  • Improved signature behaviour when no signature zone has been previously defined. ConsignO will now give you the option to create a signature zone or apply an invisible signature.

Resolved known issues

  • Improved start-up time and overall performance of the application.
  • Fixed signature appearance inversion when merging documents.
  • Fixed stability and integrity issues during the conversion to PDF/A-1B with certain types of documents that crashed ConsignO.
  • Fixed signature appearance offset.
  • And much more…

Remaining known issues

  • ConsignO does not raise a warning when converting to PDF/A-2B a document which contains unsigned signature zones.
  • Installing ConsignO 3.6 in a different language than the one originally installed will create an error. It is recommended to initially uninstall the existing version on your system.
  • Adding a signature certificate (.epf) in Entrust while ConsignO is running will generate an error if the new certificate is used during an active session of ConsignO. Restart ConsignO to solve the problem (Windows only).
  • Converting a document to PDF/A-1b causes an unwanted rotation of annotations. If your document includes annotations, please convert your document first to PDF/A-2b, then to PDF/A-1b. This problem will be fixed in the next update.

Additional release notes

  • This official version of ConsignO 3.6 (unlike the beta) will automatically import all your preferences(signature appearances, models, etc.) from the existing 3.5x version.
  • Our help section has been updated for more information.
  • The ConsignO user guide is currently being updated; a revised version will soon be available.