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Update of my digital certificate

  • Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Windows.
  • Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Mac OS.
  • Troubleshooting procedure.


Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Windows:

Updates to your digital signature file (.EPF file) are required periodically to ensure that it remains secure and valid. This procedure can be completed by opening a new Entrust session (EESP client) has shown bellow.


1. Go to your taskbar at the bottom right corner and locate the Entrust icon to log in. For more information on this matter, please consult this help page : /en/help/kb/login-entrust/?blsc=true

2. An update window will appear, simply press the ‘’update’’ button

IMPORTANT : the update window may not appear in the foreground, you should be able to access it from the Entrust icon blinking on the taskbar.

3. A progress bar will then appear.

4. A confirmation message will indicate the signature has been updated.


Procedure for updating the digital signature file for Mac OS:

Since the EESP software is not offered by Entrust for the Mac OS operating system, you will have to sign a document directly with ConsignO Desktop to update your digital signature file (your certificate will then be able to communicate with our servers and the periodic update will be automatically applied).


Learn more: Signing a document.


Troubleshooting procedure :

If you have had the opportunity to follow the above steps but continue to receive communications about it, one of these 3 causes could be at the origin of this situation:

  • There is a more recent copy of your signature file (e.g. on another computer and/or another directory).


  • The signature file is placed in a directory that does not allow modification
    • In this situation, it is possible to simply copy the signature file from its current directory to the desktop and try the update again.



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