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I am a member of a professional association that has not yet partnered with Notarius. Can I sign up to CertifiO for Employees?

Yes, but you need to be aware of the differences between CertifiO for Professionals and CertifiO for Employees. The digital signature issued by Notarius not only confirms the holder’s identity, but also other key information. To confirm all this information, Notarius must be able to certify and maintain the information using reliable sources.

In the case of CertifiO for Professionals, Notarius maintains a link with its partner professional association to confirm at all times the professional standing and display it in the certificate. When the professional digital signature is used, the digital certificate linked to the digital document confirms the members’ standing beyond any doubt at the time of the signature. The partner professional association is contractually accountable for this confirmation within Notarius’ trust system.

In the case of CertifiO for Employees, it is the holder’s employment relationship that is confirmed by their employer. The digital certificate features no information confirming that the individual is a member of a specific professional association. Consequently, should such a signature be used to claim a given professional affiliation, Notarius could not be held accountable. Rather, the accountability would fall upon the digital signature’s holder and the employer.

It is therefore in the best interest of any professional association and their members, from a perspective of public protection, to enter into a partnership with Notarius, thereby guaranteeing the exclusivity and integrity of their professional acts when these are made through digital means. This is a simple and effective way to value the professional status and the acts exclusive to a given profession.