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Why signing with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat breaks PDF/A compliance? (with workaround)

We go to great lengths to maintain PDF/A compliance throughout the signature process, taking special care of signature appearance that have transparency and making sure the text that is displayed next to the signature (ex.: date) uses a font that is embedded in the PDF/A document.

Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t go to the same length. Signature appearances are embedded “as-is” even if they have transparency, and they do not embed the font used to display the text next to the signature appearance. The result is that a PDF/A compliant file becomes non-compliant. Both ConsignO Desktop and Adobe Acrobat DC can be used to test PDF/A compliance of the document.

Workaround when signing with Adobe

When defining a signature appearance, use a JPG  file (which doesn’t have transparency) and remove/uncheck all text to be displayed next to your signature.