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Difference between signing online vs offline? (PS: online is much better)

ATTENTION! Signing online is required to ensure authenticity and long-term reliability.

Consigno Desktop may notify you that “you are about to sign offline. By doing so, ConsignO Desktop will not embed the proof of your digital signature’s validity”.

Signing online is required to ensure the document’s  authenticity and long-term reliability. Upon signing, the proof of certificate validity is embedded in the document. This proof is maintained in real-time and signed by our Certification Authority.

Signing offline offers a short term document reliability since the signing certificate can no longer be reliably verified after the certificate’s expiration date (generally 24 months or less). This restriction reflects the standards currently used in industry.We recommend avoiding signing offline when possible.

Should you encounter this situation, we invite you to visit the following helpage to allow you signing online : Firewall configuration.