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Applying Templates

Before you begin

To apply a template to a document:

You have three main options:

  1. From the My Computer view pane, right-click on one or more documents and select Apply a template (or From the Edit menu, select Apply a template).
    1. In the Template drop down list, select the template you want to apply.
    2. In the Advanced Options section, select on which page or pages you want the template to be applied.
    3. In the Actions section, select what you want to do with the open file:
      1. Overwrite initial file.
      2. Rename the file.
      3. Select a new destination folder.
      4. Select a new folder and delete the initial file.
    4. Click Finish. A result window appears with the template creation status.
    5. Click OK in the results window that appears.
  1. Open a document
        1. Select the appropriate template from the Template view.
            1. Drag and drop the template to the opened document. The Apply a template window opens.
            2. Follow Steps b. to e. above.
  1. Open a document
    1. Click on the Apply a template to the pdf document icon in the toolbar of the main window.
      1. Select the template you want to apply to the document from the drop-down list.
      2. Follow Step ii) to iv) above.
  1. Apply a template from the Combined Action

You now have a document with a configured Signature Zone, ready to be signed or stamped.