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I lost my digital signature and/or my password.

You will need to recover your digital signature and confirm your identity. There are 2 options available for the identity verification:

  1. Online: You will be required to have access to your professional email address (or secondary email address). The following help page will indicate the steps to follow to recover your digital signature online : How to recover my digital signature?
  2. Face to Face: You will be required to subscribe online for a digital signature as a new client. During the process, you will be invited to schedule an appointment for an identity verification with one of our verification agents. Click on the following link to know what you will need for the appointment: /en/help/kb/iv-preparation/?blsc=true
CAUTION: During the subscription process, it is important to make sure you use the same professional email registered within our files at Notarius.
If you need any help recovering your digital signature, please call Notarius Customer Care.