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What personal information is transmitted to Notarius when I sign digitally?

When you sign with your CertifiO digital signature in ConsignO Desktop, no information related to your electronic documents is communicated to Notarius (or to a third party). See the information below for more details.

Communication of information by the CertifiO Digital Signature

Information transmitted to Notarius when signing with ConsignO Desktop, Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam Revu

  • No electronic document signed in ConsignO Desktop, nor any information concerning them, is communicated to Notarius or to a third party. These documents remain under the full control of the signatories.
  • Generally, in order to ensure non-repudiation, the signing software asks our servers for proof that the holder’s signature is valid when signing. The same logic applies when a third party validates one or more signatures on signed documents. These requests are made through the serial numbers of the signing certificates and are confidential.

Content of the signature certificate attached to the document

The certificate affixed to the document contains:

  • First name (s), Last name (s)
  • Serial number of the certificate
  • Professional email address
  • Membership number of your professional association, if applicable, all in accordance with the requirements of the association.
    • This information is necessary to confirm the identity of the signatory.

The certificate does not include other personally identifiable information such as:

  • Date of Birth
  • Personal or professional mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Photo

For more information on our practices and the types of information exchanged with our servers, see these articles: