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EESP Update (Entrust Entelligence Security Provider)

To download the latest version of EESP, click HERE

Version 10.0.90 (patch is the most recent version published by Notarius.

It is REQUIRED to update to this version before September 15th to support more seamlessly digital signatures issued by Notarius in the context of the upcoming update of our PKI (Notarius PKI Update).

This version contains the latest security updates available as well as fixes for Adobe “64 bits” products such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

Installation consists in downloading and executing the file.

To identity the current version installed, consult the following page:  How to identify my Entrust version?


IMPORTANT: EESP updates usually require administrators’ rights. Even though an update is available, many may not be able to complete the operation.  Please contact your IT group if needed.


To know more about EESP, click here



This version is not compatible with Windows 7.  If you need to run Entrust under Windows 7, please click here for more information.