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Printing documents with Adobe Reader from ConsignO Desktop

What you should know

ConsignO Desktop can print using Adobe Acrobat Reader (default option), or by using its embedded printing functions. Printing using Adobe Acrobat Reader offers advanced printing options, and ConsignO will merge the selected documents beforehand if you select to print multiple documents in a single operation. Note that ConsignO does not integrate with the Standard and Pro versions of Adobe Acrobat.

To print documents:

  1. Select one or more documents to print from the My Computer view.
  2. Either right-click or click on the File
  3. Select Print with Adobe Reader.
  4. If you selected to print multiple documents with Adobe Reader, a pop-up window appears.
    1. Reorder your documents with the arrows on the right side if necessary
    2. Select if you want to convert the merged document into a PDF/A format.
    3. Click Finish.
  5. The print setup window appears. Configure your print options as usual.