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What is CertifiO Manager?

CertifiO Manager is an application installed on your desktop making the bridge between your CertifiO digital signature and a web application, without any dependency on a Java applet, without limitation with regards to your browser.

 Which applications are using CertifiO Manager ?

  • CertifiO Manager is required to activate your digital signature initially. Installation is a prerequisite.
  • It is also used to authenticate and access Notarius self-service portal My Account. This portal allows management of your digital signature, operations such as recovery, revocation, secret questions/answers definition and much more.
  • ConsignO Cloud allows the use of your CertifiO signature to sign PDF documents.
  • Partners have also developed their own web application compatible with CertifiO digital signature. Telus is one of them with the Assyst solutions (Real Estate and Payment). 

 CertifiO Manager Installation and Troubleshooting

Installation: Please refer to the CertifiO Manager Installation page.

Troubleshooting: Please refer to the CertifiO Manager Troubleshooting page. 

If CertifiO Manager must be used in a server or virtualized environment, CertifiO Manager -Server Edition might be for you. Please review CertifiO Manager – Server Edition