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CertifiO Manager - Release notes

CertifiO Manager 2.2.2

  • Update to log4j 2.17.1

CertifiO Manager 2.2.1

  • Update to log4j 2.16.0

CertifiO Manager 2.1

New features

  • From version 2.1 onward, it will be possible to carry out subsequent updates at application start or from the right-click option Check for updates. This option will allow to update at any time, rather than when accessing a site requiring CertifiO Manager as currently managed.
  • The CertifiO Manager application will also notify users of the availability of a new version for the Entrust Entelligence Security Provider (EESP) client. ESSP is required to digitally sign under Windows.
  • Updating to a newer version of CertifiO Manager can now be skipped or postponed.
  • Version 2.1 does not require  installation of a root certificate and administrator rights anymore.
  • CFM 2.1 is more explicit about the installation process by listing the steps required to update to version 2.1
  • Update to integrated java version and security patches


  • CertifiO Manager 2.1 may not be supported by all versions of web browsers. Specifically, a compatibility issue could arise under older browser versions of IE and Safari under macOS. To benefit from the advantages of CertifiO Manager 2.1 version, please use a recent version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox.


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