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You want to acquire an additional digital signature within another professional association.

When you sign, you are signing as a member of your association. If you are a member of another professional association that is partnered with Notarius, you can request an additional signature for only $99 annually.

To obtain an additional digital signature, click here and select your association.

  1. By entering your contact information, enter the email address associated with your first digital signature and your date of birth.

Example of pricing with additional signatures.

  One-time sign-up fee Yearly subscription fee OIQ Yearly subscription fee PEO Yearly subscription fee APEGA

Total for 3 signatures

First year 99$ 195$ 99$ 99$ 492$
Second year 0$ 195$ 99$ 99$ 393$


Additional information:

  1. How to sign up in 4 easy steps.

  2. Accelerated Identity Verification.

    1. This option is possible if your current digital signature is valid and if the associated identity verification was carried out LESS than 2 years prior via video conference with one of our agents.