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Working with PDF/A

What you should know

Learn more about the PDF/A format : Click here.


To convert a PDF document to PDF/A format

  1. Select the document or documents you want to convert in the My Computer
  2. Right-click or click on the Edit
  3. Select Convert to PDF/A format.
  4. In the Convert to PDF/A window:
    1. If you selected more than one file, click Next if your selection is correct or Cancel to select again.
    2. Select from the drop-down between the PDF/A–1b, PDF/A-2b or PDF/A-3b.
    3. In the Actions section, select what you want to do with the converted file:
      1. Overwrite initial file
      2. Rename the file
      3. Select a new destination folder
      4. Select a new folder and delete the initial file
    4. Click Finish. A progress window will pop up to shows the conversion progress and status.
  1. Click OK on the status window.

Your file is now converted to PDF/A format.

To verify PDF/A compliance

  1. Select the document you want to verify in the My Computer view.
  2. Right-click or click on the Edit menu.
  3. Select Verify PDF/A compliance.

The status window displays the verification result.


To reveal PDF/A documents

  1. Select one or many documents or a folder from the My Computer
  2. You can:
    1. Right-click or click on the Edit menu and select Reveal PDF/A documents.
    2. Click on the icon from the My computer

The icon appears beside the PDF/A documents among those selected.

Note that no compliance validation is performed with the reveal function; it simply looks up the PDF/A claim metadata in the document.


To add an attachment to a PDF/A

  1. From the document pane, click on the “Attachments” tab

  1. You can then select any file you want to add.

A convenient option of the PDF document format is the ability to attach files of any format, much like email attachments.  This option does not limit the properties of the PDF document. In particular, the PDF document with attachments can :

  • Be converted to PDF/A format (PDF/A-3b format allows attachments. See: Questions/Answers : The PDF/A Format)
  • Be digitally signed, which guarantees the integrity of the document and the attached files, since the digital signature covers the PDF document and its attachments.

Thus, if a document cannot be converted to PDF/A format or its format is not practical for digital signature, you can, with ConsignO Desktop, attach it to a PDF document that can be converted to PDF/A-3b format and digitally signed to guarantee the integrity of the attachments.