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ConsignO Desktop : How to add a signature appearance in TIFF format ?

Situation: You might need to upload a signature appearance in a TIFF format to ConsignO Desktop, and you will get an error message trying to do so.

ConsignO Desktop doesn’t accept the TIFF format, but 2 workarounds exist for this situation.

Here is how to proceed:


Force ConsignO Desktop to accept the appearance:

  • Open ConsignO
  • Click on Edit et Signature appearance wizard
  • Select “Using a picture or scanned image of your signature
  • Go to the appearance’s location, enter its name in the field “File name” and select the result

  • Click Open
  • If the appearance isn’t accepted, you’ll get the following error message and you will need to use the second workaround, convert the appearance to another format:

Convert the appearance to another format:

  • Use a photo software of your choice and open it (i.e : Paint)
  • Open the appearance
  • Click on File and Save As
  • Select the format PNG or JPEG (JPG)