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Acrobat Reader DC displays an "Incorrect setting" encryption error message when signing a PDF document 

Acrobat Reader affiche un message d'erreur

Due to an incompatibility between Acrobat Reader DC 64-bit and Entrust, you may receive an error message when using your digital signature.

The problem is caused by Entrust which following an update can no longer communicate with the 64-bits version of Adobe, a new version of Entrust is now available on our website which solves this situation.

1.Install the latest version of Entrust available on our website:

2.If the problem persists, do the procedure mentioned below for ”Access denied”.

Error message – “Access denied”

1. Complete the previous steps mentioned above in this page.
2. Then open Acrobat Reader :

  1. Open the Edit menu, then click Preference
  2. Under the category Security – Enhanced, make sure it has been configuration similar to the example below.