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How to activate your digital signature through Entrust EESP

This help page will guide you through the activation process of your digital signature through Entrust EESP.


Step 1: Application Approved

Your application will be pending until your professional association approves you as member. Once done, you’ll
receive the following email:


Note: The step 5 to follow will differ should you be recovering your digital signature rather than activating it for the First time.


Step 2: Activation through Entrust EESP

Note: If you have not completed this activation within 15 days of receiving your first email, you will be ask to
renew your activation codes : Contact to get them renewed.


1. Within the email Application Approved, click “Activate your Digital Signature”.

2. Fill in your Security Questions. Note that 2 out of the 3 questions must be answered correctly. (Space and
Uppercase/lowercase are not taken into consideration for the answers)

3. Your web browser should display a request to download CertifiO Manager : You will need to bypass this step by following the procedure described below

4. To continue, you need to modify the URL address:
i. Locate the “xhtml?” part of the URL address.
ii. Delete all character after it
iii. Immediately after the “.xhtml?” add “eesp=1

This URL address should look like follow:

iv. Click enter once the URL address is modified


5. You will be redirected to a webpage which will display your 2nd activation code (authorization code). The page also
mentions your 1st activation code (reference number) which was sent to your email address (see Step1 : Activation)

6. The next step is to Enroll for Entrust Digital ID:
i. In the Windows start menu, search for “Entrust Intelligence” If the option doesn’t appear, you can find it in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Entrust Entelligence or by restarting your computer
ii. Select Enroll for Entrust Digital ID (orRecover Entrust Digital ID depending on your action)

NOTE! Should you be recovering your digital certificate, make sure to select the option RECOVER ENTRUST DIGITAL ID at this step instead of Enroll for Entrust Digital ID.

Click the Windows Start Menu -> Search for Entrust Entelligence -> Enroll for Entrust Digital ID (or Recover Entrust Digital ID depending on your action)


7. Click Next

8. Choose “Notarius CA

9. Enter your Reference Number (from the activation email) as well the Authorization code (from the Web Browser)
then click Next

Note: If you get an error when selecting “Notarius CA”, please try “CCQ” as a certification authority

10. Click Next to confirm your Digital ID Enrollment

11. Choose a folder to store your digital certificate (extension: .EPF)

(If prompted), Click Yes to create the folder

12. Choose a name for your Digital ID (You can leave the default name)

13. Choose a secure password that meets the stated requirements to protect your Entrust security store. Note that
all check marks must be green. Click Finish, and the progress bar will finish.

14. Open a session with your certificate to complete the activation: How to long into Entrust (EESP) application