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Windows 7 support

Windows 7 is end of life since January 14th 2020. We do not prevent the installation of our products under Windows 7. However, we no longer support this operating system. Our products may not work optimally for configurations specific to your environment, particularly with the most recent update of Entrust ESP or CertifiO Manager.

To our knowledge, many of our customers still use our products without problems under Windows 7.

Not supported doesn’t mean non functional

We no longer provide updates or quality assurance efforts on products running under this operating systems. As such, these products are offered “as is” for Windows 7.

Why have we selected this approach?

It all boils down at ensuring the best quality products for the vast majority of our customers. We use as a reference the Microsoft Windows End-of-Mainstream-Support date, to which we add 30 months in order to give ample time to our customer base to migrate towards a fully supported version of Microsoft Windows.  In the case of Windows 7, the standard support ended in January 13th, 2015 and the extended support on January 14th, 2020.


We have decided to publish on this page the latest versions of our applications as of January 14th, 2020.  With Windows 7 SP1, the 64-bit KB3033929 security update must be minimally installed



ConsignO Desktop Version FR EN Version
EESP 9.3 patch 200436d
Version FR EN Version
Certifio Manager Version FR EN Version
Certifio Suite Version FR EN Version