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Notarius Public Key Infrastructure Update

Security is Notarius’ top priority, and we adopt industry best practices to ensure the highest standards for the protection of our users.

As such, Notarius is currently engaged in the process of updating its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is managing user’s professional digital signatures.

As part of this process, new root certificates will be published, which then has implication on the publication of digital signatures to the end users (new activation, recovery or update of signatures)

To allow a simplified transition, it is requested to complete the following actions right now.

ACTIONS REQUIRED (by IT group or end user)

  1. Mandatory update to EESP 10.0.90 (Entrust Client) for all Windows users signing documents (admin rights usually required).
  2. Update Adobe Reader Trust List for each user sigining or opening signed PDF documents.


Why is this EESP update mandatory?

The latest version of EESP (10.0.90) contains our PKI’s newest root certificates, which will become active in the coming month.

In addition, this new release contains:

  • Fix for Adobe 64-bit products such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Essential security updates published by Entrust


Failure to update in time will create warnings or error messages to users when they activate, update or recover there professional digital signature.

They might not then be in position to complete the action by themselves, without the administrator rights. If their signatures cannot be updated in time, they might no longer be able to use it.


Why is it necessary to update Adobe Trust List?

The issuance of new root certificates changes the chain of trust and validation in Adobe. If Adobe is used to sign or validate documents within your organization, the Trust List was updated in the past. Each user will be asked again to trust our newest root certificates to see, by default, the green check mark.


All Root Certificates (.cer)  are also available here: