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How to encrypt a document for a notary or a land surveyor (P7M file)?

For historical reasons, subscriptions for notaries and land surveyors include an encryption certificate.

The procedure below requires that you and the recipient have such a certificate in order to encrypt a document on your computer using the Entrust software:

  • Right-click on the file you wish to encrypt and select “Entrust Encrypt File“.


  • Confirm the file to be encrypted by clicking “Next” in the displayed window.


  • The encryption options are displayed, the default values do not need to be changed.
    • If the file is only for you, click “Next“.
    • If the file is intended for one or more specific people, check the box “Encrypt files for others in addition to me” and click “Next“.


  • Click on “Add” to access the list of encryption certificate holders.


  • Search for the recipient of the file.


  • Once the recipient has been selected, click on “Ok“. Repeat the operation if other recipients need to access the file.


  • When all recipients have been added, click on “Next“.


  • This last window will show you the encrypted files during the operation, click on “Finish” to finalize the encryption.


  • You can now share this file with the recipient(s).