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PDF/A Compliance and Proofs of Validity: Important message and update regarding the use of ConsignO Desktop

Following a major modernization activity to our public key infrastructure on October 18,  limitations with our current versions of ConsignO Desktop have been discovered for some customers with respect to maintaining PDF/A compliance and the addition of proofs of validity for documents signed after that date.

PDF/A compliance

Under certain conditions, applying a digital signature with a version prior to Consigno Desktop 3.8.3 may lead to the loss of PDF/A compliance on a previously converted document. It is therefore recommended to validate the maintenance of PDF/A compliance following the signature.

Updating to the most recent version of ConsignO Desktop 3.8.3 ensures full compatibility with your digital signature.

Consigno Desktop 3.8.3 download link (Windows) – English version

Consigno Desktop 3.8.3 download link (Windows) – French version

Proofs of validity

If you get a warning when you try to sign with ConsignO Desktop stating that the proofs of validity will not be incorporated into the document, it is then necessary to  recover your signature by following this PROCEDURE.