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Are Windows 7 32-bits, Windows XP or Windows Vista supported?

We do not prevent the installation of our products on Windows 7 32-bits, XP or Vista. However, we no longer support these operating systems and it is possible that our products do not work for every configuration (to the best of our knowledge, we have a small customer base still using our products successfully on Windows 7 32-bits, XP and Vista). 

Not supported doesn’t mean non functional

We no longer provide updates or quality assurance efforts on products running under these operating systems. As such, these products are offered “as is” for Windows 7 32-bits, XP and Vista. If you are using one of these, you can download the last 32-bits versions published here.

Why have we selected this approach?

It all boils down at ensuring the best quality products for the vast majority of our customers. We use as a reference the Microsoft Windows End-of-Mainstream-Support date. Therefore, Windows XP (published in 2001), Windows Vista (published in 2006) as well as Windows 7 without Service Pack 1 are no longer supported (Windows 7 SP1 support ended in July 2017).

Note: this approach is subject to change without notice.